Sunday, August 29, 2010

Are we not racist?

following an article from thestar online

Sharyn Lisa Shufiyan, 24 Conservationist (Tunku Abdul Rahman’s great granddaughter)

“Both my parents are Malay. My mum’s heritage includes Chinese, Thai and Arab, while my dad is Minangkabau. Due to my skin colour, I am often mistaken for a Chinese.

“I’m happy that I don’t have the typical Malay look but I do get annoyed when people call me Ah Moi or ask me straight up: “Are you Chinese or Malay?”

“Like, why does it matter? Before I used to answer ‘Malay’, but now I’m trying to consciously answer ‘Malaysian’ instead.

“There’s this incident from primary school that I remember till today. Someone told me that I will be called last during Judgement Day because I don’t have a Muslim name. Of course, I was scared then but now that I’m older, I realise that a name is just a name. It doesn’t define you as a good or bad person and there is definitely no such thing as a ‘Muslim’ name. You can be named Rashid and still be a Christian.

“I’ve heard of the 1Malaysia concept, but I think we don’t need to be told to be united. We’ve come such a long way that it should already be embedded in our hearts and minds that we are united. Unfortunately, you can still see racial discrimination and polarisation. There is still this ethno-centric view that the Malays are the dominant group and their rights must be protected, and non-Malays are forever the outsiders.

“For the concept to succeed, I think the Government should stop with the race politics. It’s tiring, really. We grew up with application forms asking us to tick our race. We should stop painting a negative image of the other races, stop thinking about ‘us’ and ‘them’ and focus on ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘Malaysians’.

“No one should be made uncomfortable in their own home. A dear Chinese friend of mine said to me once: ‘I don’t feel patriotic because I am not made to feel like Malaysia is my home, and I don’t feel an affinity to China because I have never lived there’.

“I know some Baba Nyonya friends who can trace their lineage back hundreds of years. I’m a fourth generation Malaysian. If I am bumiputra, why can’t they be, too? Clearly I have issues with the term.

“I think the main reason why we still can’t achieve total unity is because of this ‘Malay Rights’ concept. I’d rather ‘Malay Rights’ be replaced by human rights. So unless we get rid of this bumiputra status, or reform our views and policies on rights, we will never achieve unity.

“For my Merdeka wish, I’d like for Malaysians to have more voice, to be respected and heard. I wish that the Government would uphold the true essence of parliamentary democracy. I wish for the people to no longer fear and discriminate against each other, to see that we are one and the same.

“I wish that Malaysia would truly live up to the tourism spin of ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Like what the title says, I've noticed of late that in Med school..when u talk about genitalia, be it male or seems to be quite normal. Is this due to being professional? I should really get used to this as I never fancied such topics. lol

In lectures, u get lecturers joking about...

"Why are women's left breast usually larger than the right one?"
Yea why? Coz MEN are usually RIGHT handed.

"What is common between a toy train and women's breast?"
They are meant for children but MEN plays with them too.

"Gonorrhoea is very fragile, they cant survive in the when someone says they've got infected by Gonorrhea after sitting on a toilet bowl, they're lying"
WHY? They were probably sitting on the toilet bowl with someone else.

"The dirtiest thing in the hospital docs is not the mind, but the hands."

start processing.. if u dont understand any of this, u may ask XD

=_= SWEAT~ Yes, I know I know... Imagine an English lecturer jokes in such a way.. Imagine Ur maths teacher in high school... Ur Biology teacher even...
I think they'll be sent straight to see the principal and next they know is a salary cut if not termination.

And so I was innocently online... surprisingly with an interesting finding posted by Say Yee... XD hahaha
What was it?

omg *MI*
can u be more sick?
wat u mean?
ur breast joke XD
myocardial infarction
cool rite?

So are u now curious about what is so cool?

Try reading her nickname if u've potentially missed it...

if this ) ) is breast, this > > is a sharp breast, and this ] ] is flat breast. Wat abt this } }, she is NAKED! (with the clapping emoticon! LOL)

[Life is about struggles, it depends on how we overcome em' =)]

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And yes, so this was basically 1 of the few questions I had to ask the sp's (simulated patients) who were having problems in conceiving today at Skills Centre.

To those who aren't from med school and have no idea what I'm talking about, we, as students have health history taking sessions whereby we've to find out the reason the "patient" came to see the doctor and subsequent questions relevant to making a diagnosis.

Well if the patient's a real 1, I should be keeping this confidential...

so what happened was, in the middle of the interview, the couple got pissed at each other and all emotional. It was horrendous! I basically didnt know how to continue as the issues were all so personal. Let me just share bits of my hour-long dialogue (some questions have been omitted)..

Personal details: M-50yrs, F-35yrs, married. Both were divorcee, male with a son, female with 1 son and 1 daughter from respective previous marriages.

Chief complaint: could not conceive despite trying for 2 yrs.

(after quite a few questions)

Maam' may I ask how many pregnancies have you had in total?
Well I have two healthy children
Any other pregnancies?
(man shakes head)
would you prefer if I get Mr K to step out for a while to maintain privacy?
It's ok..err..I had an abortion before...
Where did you have it?
In a clinic in Jln Chow Kit
What?!?! What did you say? You had an abortion before? Look, if u had been frank with me, I wouldnt even have come here and listen to everything you said. There are no problems with me..and you're making us do all this. I've a son before. There's certainly nothing wrong with me!!!
Why dont you tell the doctor about the past 3 months?

(More arguments took place, I couldnt help but to laugh coz other group members around me were giving funny expressions XD)

Alright, sir and mdm, I would just like u to cooperate with me for a while more to obtain more information that will help with the diagnosis. Are you ok if I proceed?
So sir, according to Mdm, you had something for the past 3 months? Are you ok if I ask you questions about your sexual intercourse?
Why doctor? You're trying to say that there's a problem with me?
No sir, I will like to exclude all possible factors to elicit the real problem and come out with a diagnosis. I will just need you to answer a few questions.
So sir, may I know if you have any problems like having pain while having your sexual intercourse?
Were there any difficulties?

May I ask if............................................................errr.................
Yeah dont worry, you can ask me. I can be honest with you.
Errr... May I ask prior to sexual intercourse, how long does it take for you to............. to.......... errrr........................
Are you trying to find out about the quality of intercourse?

Yih Ren from opposite: Sir, I think she's trying to ask,
How long does it take for erection to occur,
How long does the erection last,
If he uses any form of arousal like drugs/masturbation,
If the sexual intercourse is satisfying,
If he has problems with ejaculation..

*blinks blinks*

In my heart.. THANK GOD for Yih Ren!! =S

and after the session, my group mates were telling me that they would expect me to be the last person who will not be able to ask such questions and not being able to say... "E-rack-shen."

=____=" I didn't know I appear to be that corrupted in your minds. LOL

Monday, March 29, 2010

Love is pain,
Pain is love,
Love is nothing without pain,
Pain is nothing without love,
Must one go through pain to find love?
or must one go through love to find pain?

Love is just so CONFUSING!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Behavioral Science (BS).. yes, it's what we medical students must study besides Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology etc... When u sit in a BS lecture, u will understand what all of us feel. I wont say that the lectures are unnecessary, make no sense or are waste of time... It's just complicatedly indescribable. Nonetheless, BS lectures can be really interesting coz it's like story telling time! =D

Not surprisingly, today's BS lecture was almost half full... But hey..., u guys missed something interesting. This video was shared~

I donno how prevalent this issue might be in Malaysia... but in the US, this is serious!
Pretty interesting...continue catchin Parts 2-5 on youtube =)

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's been ages since I posted anything.. I tend to get too carried away with too much fun and up-comings neglecting my blog completely..? Tsk tsk... Sorry readers =P

The many many things that kept me occupied and the awesome friends that I've made. (Especially those who have been in IMU but I didnt have the chance to blend in well with) Thank God!

The main highlight...ORIENTATION! =D
Once again, I was involve in orientation (I thought I promised not to be involved this time around?) @_@ Anyway, with no regrets... I was a spy in Group 5 - Sur5vors.. Well it was random.. I didnt actually sign up to be a spy but Bryan Ang from Sem 3 told me to join group 5 which he was OO for as a spy. So there I was, from day 1 of orientation onwards.. =)

Experience: It wasn't easy.. to be toned down like any newbie once again. U know... I can really blabber A LOT. Plus, there were so many people, be it juniors, batch mates and seniors who came to me or will call out for my name from far... "HEY PRECELIA! How are u??" which made me immediately wave my temporary ID frantically in front of em =S But fortunately freshies are usually blur with the surroundings and did not find anything amiss. Phewhh.. =P. I was so enthu, especially in the indoor and outdoor treasure hunt until they called me the S.E.J (Super Enthusiastic Junior) XD

Until......there was this day where 2 of our other spies revealed themselves since they couldnt cope with orientation any longer as they werent able to attend meetings and practices which made our leader really ANGRY. Eeks... Hence, the leader and another fellow junior started to suspect me and start lookin at my facebook photos... Too bad the privacy of my IMU Charity Home visits albums were not privatized...thus, revealed my identity. =S They were of course disappointed to find out, knowing that I only have 1 more yr in IMU =/ aww....
anyhow.. they kept secret about my identity and only revealed myself on the 2nd week which brought mixed emotions from the group.

Despite revealing myself, I was still very much with the group helping em out with the rest of the activities coz they eventually became a part of me. =) The best thing that kept us together was they werent really a senior-junior demarcation... we are ONE!
I believe they've learnt a lot through out this orientation, from team work to commitment as although we thought that the group was at a point going to break into pieces, it revived again, made a come back and finally begged 3rd placing overall with the most number of hampers.. 3!!! =D

Out for dinner =)

Variety Night

Am so proud of u guys! Sur5vors... we never give up!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

I believe no one can deny that there's a large community of Chinese around the world, be it in the west or east... we're EVERYWHERE... Hence I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Gambling being a common culture of Chinese...hopefully everyone's prosperous in "winning" and if not.. just enjoy this festive season positively. It's for the sake of FUN and not taking advantage of this to earn big bucks =P